About The Feral Cataloger

This blog discusses issues of cataloging and metadata from the perspective of cataloging instruction. My doctoral research explored the intersection of bibliography and cataloging, which I believe is the fertile ground for understanding the future role of “human-crafted” metadata in libraries.

When I began the “Feral Cataloger” in 2011, I had imagined it as a forum for discussing conceptual issues in cataloging as I waited around for my ship to come in, or–to continue the metaphor–to be adopted into my “forever employment.” Then the name became a conversation starter to put on the affiliation line at conferences. Eighteen months later, the Feral Cataloger has morphed into my business identity: I create curriculum for cataloging instruction and teach online courses.

Why am I feral? Here in the ravaged economy of California, my ten-year-old Ph.D. is a case of the mange, and my years as an adjunct and stay-at-home-mom are the tipped ear that marks me as fit only for occasional plates of virtual kibble earned with my laptop. I’m out standing in the field. Housecat-alogers with institutional homes should not be surprised when they come across an occasional hissy-fit in these entries.

Those who have more than a passing interest in my qualifications are welcome to view my LinkedIn profile.


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