Cuttering Webinar Materials

It was gratifying to have a thousand people register for my free webinar on cuttering, and then to see over five hundred of them log in when I was presenting.  It shows the continuing need for continuing education in traditional cataloging knowledge. Or maybe it shows that lots of people attend when free webinars are offered. No matter.

Here’s a summary of what I covered:

Are you curious about Cutters? Maybe a little confused? This free webinar will reveal how Cutter’s alphanumeric book numbering systems work. You will learn how to recognize different types of cutter numbers and how to construct them for yourself.

  • Principles of alphanumeric numbering systems
  • Types of Cuttering
    • Cutter Two-Figure, Three-Figure and Cutter-Sanborn
    • Cutters for Library of Congress Classification
  • How to Use the Cutter-Sanborn Table
  • Different Uses for Cuttering in Library of Congress Classification
  • Basic Use of the LC Cutter Table

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, here’s a link to the session recording. The slides are available at SlideShare. And here’s the resource sheet with all the links that I refer to in the presentation.

Thanks to ALA Editions for hosting it.Slide17


About Cheryl Boettcher Tarsala

author, researcher, educator in the realms of cataloging, bibliography, and authorship
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