The Feral Cataloger in 2013

It occurs to me that only the Feral Cataloger staff has full access to my schedule and they are just sitting on the information, so it’s up to me to share with you domesticated catalogers what’s in the works for 2013.

I write on HumanCrafted Metadata (“a cataloging textbook with helpful electronic resources for students and educators”) daily, and in 2013 it will be ready to publish. For now my priority is sitting here and writing and revising and rewriting, so I don’t get out much. I will be at Midwinter in Seattle with some demo materials on my iPad, if you run into me and want to hear about the book.

In February 2013, I will teach Using WebDewey™ and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification™ for ALA Editions eLearning. This is my second time teaching the workshop, and it will be updated from last year’s version to reflect the changes in WebDewey that OCLC has just announced. The course lasts for four weeks and it takes participants from no previous knowledge of Dewey all the way through the complexity of built numbers in the 800s. (There is no link for sign-up yet, because ALA and OCLC are concluding the license agreement*)

I’m hoping to teach one or two workshops in late 2013 based on other chapters of the textbook.

*As in: The 23rd Edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index is ©2011-2012 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (“OCLC”). All copyright rights in all previous editions of the Dewey Decimal Classification are owned by OCLC. WebDewey screen shots are ©2012 OCLC. Mr. Dewey and His Dot are ©1992 OCLC. Dewey, DDC, Dewey Decimal Classification, OCLC and WebDewey are registered trademarks/service marks of OCLC. Used with permission.


About Cheryl Boettcher Tarsala

author, researcher, educator in the realms of cataloging, bibliography, and authorship
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