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Who are our cataloging heroes?

In making a sacred bundle the first question we’re supposed to ask is “Who are the heroes?” We haven’t had that historiographic debate in cataloging–Miksa researched Cutter and Wiegand did likewise for Dewey, but that knowledge doesn’t connect into a … Continue reading

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The Sacred Bundle of Cataloging Education

What is cataloging’s “sacred bundle”?  A sacred bundle is “a collection of special events and heroic acts in an organization’s history,” as Kate Marek explains in Organizational Storytelling for Librarians: “It is through knowledge of the sacred bundle that we learn who we … Continue reading

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Stand back! I’ve got a Ph.D. and I’m not afraid to use it!

Can I be a cataloger if I have no catalog? How many decades can I continue to call myself a cataloger if I don’t work in a library any more? Does having the doctorate automatically disqualify me from knowing anything … Continue reading

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